I'm looking for open hardware/software ebook reader, any suggestion ?

Have you read the "Recursive Functions of Symbolic Expressionsand Their Computation by Machine" yet ?

If you're a person you totally should and if not you must. ;)


Lucky learn about in there life, luckier programmers use a lisp in there carrier and luckiest programmers understand the lisp way.

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Well #Microsoft is moving forward with its evil plan. You might not like what I'm saying but we shouldn't trust them. They did it once before and I'm pretty sure they're going to do it again.

If you value #Freedom and #FreeSoftware stay away from #github and Microsoft
#npm twitter.com/github/status/1239

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@lxsameer I was amazed by features of vscode and visualstudio forexample live share that you can pair program on one codebase with a coworker and then when I come to Emacs I found that this feature is in Emacs probably from long time since Emacs has client/server architecture by default. Another thing is the approach of documentation of Emacs, It's fascinating, Of course I think there are problems that we as Emacs community need to fix for making emacs a great editor for next generation

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These days my days are summarized in four activities.

1) development on
2) development around
3) development for a driver that I need for my laptop
4) Emacs screencasts

and I'm looping through this cycle.

I had a lispy day today. I worked on two different projects one in and one in . I'm happy

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The organiser of the Virtual #Clojure meetup stepped down, so if you'd like you could claim that spot and carry on the banner, see:


I always wanted a V Rhoads style guitar. But it's hard to get one, So I'm thinking to build my own. WDYT ?

I wanted to record another episode of screencasts today, but I messed up my kernel and I had to fix it. I spent today fixing the code I wrote :/

قسمت ششم از ویدئو های .



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It's been a while since I've used library. Today, I was reading some parts of it and was like, "wow did I write this ??? Amazing". I feel good about myself now. :))))

قسمت پنجم از سکرین کست های .



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قسمت چهارم از سکرین کست های . شروع پروژه (هویج).



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I just used "fwupmgr" and for the first time for my . It totally blown me away. Wow, Kudos to its community and contributors.

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