The truth reveals itself only to those who dares to ask questions. Curiosity is what differentiate scientists from others.

Amazing guide to kernel' io_uring. If you're interested in kernel development or async in general check this out. Didn't finish it yet but totally recommend it.

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#vim is more extensible than almost all other editors
except #emacs

I need a tablet, any suggestion ? (No apple products)

I've dedicated a good chunk of my day to either read or work on FOSS projects every day. But my stack of to do projects and to read books is keep growing exponentially. I can't keep up :(
The world of technology is moving too fast now

One day all those people who are saying that @Microsoft has changed for good because of @github, npm and other involvements with FOSS, gonna have a "oh crap" moment and realize that what has done to them and how big a damage they caused to the FOSS world. Wake up, now!

I wish that I'll be alive till 2061/2062 to be able to witness Halley's comet with my own eyes.

قسمت هقتم از سری ویدئو های :


What's your favorite video game of all time ? either a single title or a sequel or even more than one title.

For me: Dark Souls series + BloodBorne

To those people who use commit messages such as "test fix" on master, you my friend deserve to be hanged upside down and butt naked at a museum with "irresponsible engineer " tattooed on you butt chick as an example to those who are doing the same.
Don't do it :|

"Rainbow in the dark" by The legendary Dio is one of those songs that always changes my mood. Rest in peace Dio. The world won't be the same without you rocking it.

"What time is it?" my wife asked me. Then I realized that since I replaced my with and , i don't have a clock.

Several days later, I'm writing a functional build tool and package manager for in order to release v3 of FG42 just for a missing clock.

I could've just add the clock. But no no, software engineers are craaaazzzyyyyy

's signals are pure evil. Implicit at their core.. One of the things that I hate the most about django. has a zen ( which it has its own problems ), it is funny that python community don't follow their own rules.

When you use different dialects of too much, you'll get mix them up.

It took me more than 20 minutes to figure out that this is and not so `[system]` doesn't make sense. :)))

Skype is the worst app I ever used, both on android and . It wastes huge amount of CPU cycles for doing nothing. Horrible and unresponsive UI just horrible.

We have a lovely and small community on 's gitter channel. It's a joyful experience. If you're a lisp enthusiastic person join us.

I'm looking for open hardware/software ebook reader, any suggestion ?

Have you read the "Recursive Functions of Symbolic Expressionsand Their Computation by Machine" yet ?

If you're a person you totally should and if not you must. ;)

Lucky learn about in there life, luckier programmers use a lisp in there carrier and luckiest programmers understand the lisp way.

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Well #Microsoft is moving forward with its evil plan. You might not like what I'm saying but we shouldn't trust them. They did it once before and I'm pretty sure they're going to do it again.

If you value #Freedom and #FreeSoftware stay away from #github and Microsoft

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