Configuring a GNU Guix system the second time has been A LOT easier than my first.

@brown121407 Yo, what browser are you using with it ? Icecat ?

@lxsameer Icecat, yes. I'm looking forward to playing a bit with nomad though. (

I must admit I disabled LibreJS and Searxes' Third-party Request Blocker because (for all the good things they try to do) those are a giant pain in the ass.

@brown121407 I really wanted firefox on it. If you're a lisper you might find "next browser" interesting as well

@lxsameer just looked it up and it seems interesting. Thanks!

I know that some people hack on icecat's definition to target the latest Firefox. Have you tried asking people around on the IRC? Some are going to deny helping you with non-free stuff, but maybe you'll get some hints at least.

@brown121407 yeah i need to spend time on it. These type of extremist behavior can damage free software in general. Hopefully I'll make it work

@lxsameer They want to provide a fully free system which, it's true, can bring some dissatisfactions to some users. But that only limits what THEY provide for YOUR system. You, personally, can customize it however you want. For example, I heard people patched their config to run the full linux kernel - with the blobs and all that.

I get that sometimes it's more convenient to have some nonfree software than to deal with the alternatives, but it isn't always worth putting away your freedoms!


@brown121407 yeah i know what you mean. The thing is they treat some software as non free which is not fair to them. Including linux kernel or firefox. There are some issues ofcourse but going to the extreme is not the best solution. I hope they realize it soon

@lxsameer I can guarantee you the GNU people will not loosen their grip. They will stick to the free software definition and will not make exceptions. This is at the heart of the whole movement.

Channels exist though so people could "fix" those "problems" similar to how RPM Fusion fixes "Fedora's problems".

The other solution would be so that we put pressure on those non-free projects to eliberate themselves and we destroy the patent system.

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