Lucky learn about in there life, luckier programmers use a lisp in there carrier and luckiest programmers understand the lisp way.


As much as I like lisp there's nothing wrong with some good OO, like the one available in Smalltalk. I kind of wish for a nice mix of the two to emerge. But I have no Idea what that would look like.

@pidu Well OO got two things very wrong. Encapsulating mutations and sharing the mutable state. OO is about human's understanding of the world but Lsip and FP is about math. Math doesn't get obsolete in time but our understanding of the world evolves and changes overtime.


I would say that Math is about understanding the world as well :) And OO is definitely possible without making encapsulating mutation the mantra. If programming in common lisp taught me anything it was that mixing and matching functional and object orient approaches depending on the problem at hand is the overall best approach.

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