I never liked and I don't even want to talk about . Such a shame the there's no popular and well accepted distribution for phones. This market is too sweet for companies to let any completely free product to grow.

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@alefvanoon yeah, there are some other alternatives as well, but unfortunately none of them are well established and widely available. :(

@alefvanoon I think the closest thing we have at the moment is the postmarketOS

@lxsameer @alefvanoon
#PostmarketOS is so nice and I will gladly switch to it from Android, but I think using #Alpine is not such a good decision for this purpose.
I prefer #PureOS which is based on @debian and been installed on #librem5 phones.

I don't thinks it's so sweet for them. They have already android and are happy with it since they have lots of customers. changing the platform not only needs a huge amount of budget on R&D and design, but is a big risk of acceptance in general market.

@danialbehzadi I was looking at the issue at a different angle (you're perspective is quite right and that's the case). From my angle, Smartphones have became an essential daily tool for people and at this age data is worth more that hardware of devices. Because of the nature of the smartphones, those who want to collect data from people are willing to invest in this market to be able to collect more data and with ease. They don't want people to move to a platform which might cut their 1/x

@danialbehzadi control over their data collection sources and as you mentioned creating a new platform doesn't have business justification since they already got what they want and they only have to control the market.

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