Solar energy vs nuclear energy. We can power the planet via clean solar energy even with our current technology, but why governments seek nuclear energy ?

Well, it's simple. You can't kill people with solar energy. You can't create solar based warfare.
Those dirty politicians

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That's not true. They can use solar energy for electricity and have more uranium for nuclear weapons.
But for now, nuclear energy is more effective as a source


Not where I live. The solar energy is beautiful and all, but it is highly dependent on “enough” light, otherwise the cost to gain ratio would be unfeasible. For example, in 🇫🇮 (Finland) we use electricity for everything (i.e heating, cooling, cooking, light, transportation (recently)). During the summer months the only household electricity consuming action is cooking. In Autumn, Winter and Spring on the other hand, we need all the other.


This means 3/4 of the year we can generate decent electricity from solar, but the peak of consumption there will be no sunlight to generate electricity. Nuclear works all 365 days of the year regardless of temperature rotation and revolution of the earth.

@Mehrad It's the same in Ireland as well. But according to some researches. We can populate some places on earth (Specially a desert in Africa which was the subject to that research) with solar panels and they would provide enough energy for the planet. Even with 20% efficient panels. It's not only about a country or region. Sun provides more energy that we need and investing in it crucial to our future. Governments usually care about control and power rather than what's good for the env 1/x

@Mehrad or us. They evaluate things based on whether they give them an edge over the "enemy" ( airquote) or not. The history of the cold war and advancements in the aerospace industry supports this idea. The sun is the biggest nuclear reactor which we can ask for and it works for free :P

@Mehrad but unfortunately, in order to do that countries should unite and form a global government or federation be able to work for the humanity and a better future rather than each country or some group of people who just want to be richer. And as we know that's not gonna happen. AFAIK (i might be wrong) the majority of the CO2 production is on the governments. They can turn it around but they don't care. Nuclear energy is like that as well for them.

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