To the users, How much do you use the emacs built in help system vs searching the web ( online docs and other stuff ) ?
Give me a ratio please. And which one do of the two you like the most ?

Boost please :)

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@lxsameer 1:9 in favour of web searches.
I prefer the built-in help by far, I just haven't developed the habit for it.

@groovestomp thanks buddy, and what sort of docs would you look for ? official docs or tutorials and stuff like that

@lxsameer It depends. I don't know that there's a way I can respond generically.

Sometimes I want to look up a specific keybinding. I actually know how to do that one in Emacs just fine. Sometimes I want to see if a specific elisp function exists because I'm doing Emacs customization. Sometimes I need a guide for setting up something (like mu4e).

StackOverflow type answers seem to be my main goto. I tend to find the GNU documentation misses the mark more often than not.

@lxsameer The elisp functions are documented well in the official documentation, but there's usually some "connective tissue" between that and how I want to interface with it that's not easy to grok from the docs. This might also just be my lack of familiarity with how Emacs works internally, though.

@lxsameer For built-in help, probably the three things I do most often are:
- C-h k (describe key)
- C-h f (describe function)
- M-x apropros (search help for symbol)

@lxsameer Oh, I just saw:
- C-h o (describe symbol)

This is super useful when paired with apropos. You can use apropos to fuzzy search a symbol name then describe that symbol to get the full documentation for it.

There you go! I learned something!

@lxsameer More and more, as a new Emacs user. There is so much info in there.

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