Desktop Linux folks: “I don’t understand why anyone uses Apple’s products.”

And that, dear reader, is why it’s not the year of Linux on desktop.

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@aral With all due respect, I disagree.

I'm a linux user with who has a super customized window manager.

My ex boss forced me to use MacOS for almost a year. But I much prefer Linux and my own customized window manager.

IMHO it depends on the type of people, some people adapt to whatever you tell them to us and some people what to change the env based on what they feel is suitable for them.

in tha Apple world you have to choice many people are alright with that which comes with 1/x


@aral pros and cons. They get to use something that is ready to use and there is a commercial support behind it more or less, but they have to pay buttload of money and they don't get to choose or change the details and Apple dictates the future to them

In the other hand if you go with the Linux world, you won't have a commercial support (community only) but you have the choice to change whatever you like and it is free.

It's a trade off really.

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