It makes me sad to say this but is on the verge of becoming a cult as well.

We shouldn't follow something blindly without questioning it first.

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@valerauko unfortunately, these days I see more and more people who are obsessed with clojure and not in a good way, they don't think for themselves and they are worshiping Rich Hickey 😂

@lxsameer rich has been like a god for many people in the community sadly. while he has really smart views on common problems he's just not a good front face for a community

@valerauko true, my main issue with this is that following any one blindly is wrong, science is not like that. The truth of something is not tied to the person who's presenting it and also it's wrong to assume whatever a specific person says is correct.

We should follow science not people.

@lxsameer most of the people are not scientists just self-trained web developers who copy-paste code off stack overflow

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