Hey folks, have you ever used Boehm GC or MPS or any other GC lib before? If yes, would you mind sharing your experience with me?

If no please boost this toot.

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Back when I had to integrate some of my Nim lang code into python code, I was forced to use Boehm GC with the nim part.
Though , that's the extent of my experience with such GCs.

Boehm GC? It's pretty much required for nim when trying to inter-op with python.

(Nim itself can use a variety of GCs, such as Go lang's GC and its own GC called ORC. If you're sure you're not going to have cyclic references, you can use ARC which is the stripped down version of ORC which only does ref-counting.)

The whole code-base? it was some sort of image processing + ML thing I was experimenting with in order to gauge the feasibility of a couple of different methods of solving the task that was assigned to me.

@muio Interesting, thanks for the info I'll have a look at ARC

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