OMG, in when you set an env variable via setx, you need to restart the OS for it to be applied in you env. I never used windows before and I hope I'm making a mistake, but if it is the way it is, I lose respect for the devs who by choice use windows for their daily work

You can do it in a gui tool but it takes 5 clicks to get settings new variable.

@colinsmatt11 will it be available in the powershell imminently?

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Unsure, I have to use windows sometimes because siblings and I have bash installed on it so I don't have to deal with powershell

@colinsmatt11 i think bash in different on windows and it takes care of it's own env mapping (i'm not sure).

It does but it can access windows one as well
Btw the easiest way to install bash is not cygwin or mingw. It's installing git because it comes with a prepackaged bash.

@colinsmatt11 I can't use bash unfortunately. It has to be powershell due to the task definition.

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