At any given time it the past ~16 years, I always managed at least 2 servers. I just got my hands on a server to test something yesterday. I had to restart the windows one, more than I ever restarted all my Linux servers in 16 years. Why would someone use such a thing???

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@lxsameer Once as an experiment, I did rm rf / as root, and I managed to install a busy box on the same shell after doing that. It was fun. try that once, I mean linux, not Windows tho.

@fzero In comparison, on Windows, I have to restart the server when I update an environment variable. Technically, a logout should be fine, but it doesn't work most of the time. It seems to be a random process based on your character's luck state.😂

@lxsameer there is an option somewhere in the some services settings, that after several failure "restart the server" not sure if it exists now, but it was the case 10/15 years ago.

@fzero 😂 that seems to be the answer to everything in the Windows world. Have you seen the Windows diagnostic tool? After a blue screen, it boots to that tool, and you have to option all the time, restart and shutdown. Such a useful tool 😂

@lxsameer luckily, no I never seen it :D but I can imagine. Have fun!

@lxsameer cause the company that pays most IT people’s salaries don’t know shit about computers or operating systems they just need power point and excel to work and that’s how it all started.

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