It's not done yet and I need to figure out the intro. Also I want to add a bass track and a guitar solo to it as well but I think i found the core shape of the song.


I was walking and enjoying the weather today. I inhaled deeply and thought to myself, what a great day, how nice is the sky, how cheerful the birds sing. I was in that state that all of a sudden, realized all this and this beautiful planet soon will be demolished by our foolishness and our self destructive behavior. We need to take seriously and try to fix what we've broken before it is too late.

I had a bit of time and decided to play around with the idea of the melody that I played on guitar

I took the idea and improvised a bit and here is the result. It's a bit messy and I have few mistakes here and there but you know it was fun.

@ftk hey, I thought you might find this one funny.

Credit to my friend Pouya.

When I see some one make a commit message like "update", "fix" or "test" and vice versa, I loose respect for that person and in the other hand when I see commits like this or projects that enforce such a culture I smile and admire them. kudos.
Commit msg from

I usually record myself playing guitar while I'm emotional. A while age I had a bit of a tough time, I recorded myself playing and today listened to what I've played, removed the pieces that I don't like and kept the stuff that I liked, With a bit of work I created a "core" and I'll write a song for it soon. I call this one "Left alone in the dark"

Today I was investigating an issue in the 's compiler (this issue is giving me headache for weeks) I had to figure out why adds a lib as a link target. Thanks to a lad in an IRC channel and magic of cmake I got to this dependency tree.
Oh boy

After ~27 years, here is how 's closest thing to and actual package/dependency manager system works. sucks.

It turns out really great, but next time I have make my own beef stock and do not forget about brandy.

Spaghetti with my customized marinara (tomato, chili, basil, garlic and red wine).

برای شروع جلسه‌های BookClub این دو کتاب انتخاب شدن. برای اطلاعات بیشتر به ویکی سر بزنید. همچنین برای شرکت به عنوان داوطلب می‌تونید به… یک PR بفرستید.

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