"What time is it?" my wife asked me. Then I realized that since I replaced my with and , i don't have a clock.

Several days later, I'm writing a functional build tool and package manager for in order to release v3 of FG42 just for a missing clock.

I could've just add the clock. But no no, software engineers are craaaazzzyyyyy

We have a lovely and small community on 's gitter channel. It's a joyful experience. If you're a lisp enthusiastic person join us.


These days my days are summarized in four activities.

1) development on
2) development around
3) development for a driver that I need for my laptop
4) Emacs screencasts

and I'm looping through this cycle.

Just created a super simple nRepl for (simple) and the support for remote expr evaluation to via `serene-simple-mode` as part of

I have a fascinating idea for . So excited to implement it ASAP.

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