11 years ago I made my first commit on on the train going back home from work. 11 years later, I still use it & work on it.
To celebrate this, I started a new video series on "How to build an with " to share the experience


I love . I wasn't happy with all the mode-lines out there so I just wrote one by borrowing some the functionality from another free software and built a mode line that serves my needs. It's nice to be free.


rocks. I'm using it as a static html generator for a while now, both for my website and few other websites including the one I'm working on for 's documentation and website it has some functionalities that no other static html generator has.

I found a little bit of free time last night and worked on doc generation on . Now we can generate docs straight from docstrings of a cube via -mode and all the meta data of the cube would be available to the org markup as well. I yet to write some docs though

Just landed a commit on to statically generate the website via elisp and org mode. With this change we should be able to integrate API and cubes docs easily with the website.

I'm happy about the V3 API and workflow of . It not done yet and there are more thing to implement but I'm moving in the right direction. It's exciting to me and kinda different.

After about a year since I switched to use and as my window manager. Finally tonight I've added the "date and time" to my window manager :))
It all started by a simple "Let's show the time down there" to a complete rewrite of :))

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