Finally, after 5 months of hard work, I managed to build the tool to create a static based toolchain on top of libc and with compiler-rt support.
Now I can go back and work on again.

The part 1 of "How to build a compiler with and " came to an end.

If you're curios about the PART 2 check out the "Future Roadmap".

Hey friends, here is the episode number 19 of "How to build a with and ". It is all about the current implementation of the compiler and the overall compile time processes.

Hey friends, here is the episode number 18 of "How to build a with and ". It is all about the current implementation of the compiler.

As much as I like , I have to say, its error system is pretty rigid and inflexible.

Hey folks, here is the 17th episode of "How to build a with and " series about how to build "Custom ORC Layers" for the JIT engine.

I'll appreciate it If boost this

Using ++ for me is like torture (for many reasons) but when I see some of the utilities in the , I get relaxed a little bit, coz I'm like these people must have the same set of frustrations to create this thing

When I see some one make a commit message like "update", "fix" or "test" and vice versa, I loose respect for that person and in the other hand when I see commits like this or projects that enforce such a culture I smile and admire them. kudos.
Commit msg from

How to build a with and - 16 ORC Layers.

This episode is all about the basic blocks of any ORC based engine.

Some people are just brilliant, they are smart, kind, super nice and they help me a lot. There are some people in the community that help me a lot. Specially a dude that is really active in the area. He takes his time and explain everything in details to me. Such a nice guy. Kudos to all of them

Today I was investigating an issue in the 's compiler (this issue is giving me headache for weeks) I had to figure out why adds a lib as a link target. Thanks to a lad in an IRC channel and magic of cmake I got to this dependency tree.
Oh boy

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