I've updated the "resources" page on the 's website with numerous resources that I've studied to work on the compiler. If you're interested in , , and stuff like that, you might find it useful.


Finally, after 5 months of hard work, I managed to build the tool to create a static based toolchain on top of libc and with compiler-rt support.
Now I can go back and work on again.

I'm trying to build a LLVM distribution for with specific features, and it's going slowly. During this week only, I probably built LLVM at least 100 times. Lucky that I have a beast as a CPU. 😂

Designing a type system from scratch is way harder that I imagined. 3 years of intense study and still have a lot to read. But it's surprisingly really fun.

Last night I almost lost a week worth of work on due to a human error. But luckily thanks to I had all the buffers open and just had to re-save them.
I was lucky :))

I had high hopes for . Unfortunately it's not performant enough to find a place for itself in 's build system.

The part 1 of "How to build a compiler with and " came to an end.

If you're curios about the PART 2 check out the "Future Roadmap".


After 3 years of work on the , I just realized that I had to change my approach and that means I have to rewrite the majority of the compiler again 😂

Journal entry: I was wrong the whole time. Instead of focusing on SLIR I had to focus on the JIT and create a linker layer which picks the right definition of symbols and compile them into an object file.

Hey friends, here is the episode number 19 of "How to build a with and ". It is all about the current implementation of the compiler and the overall compile time processes.


It's been quite sometimes now, that I started my study and research to design the type system of . I'm going to create a videos series to walk together in the wonderful world of involved.

I'm really excited about this.

Hey friends, here is the episode number 18 of "How to build a with and ". It is all about the current implementation of the compiler.


Hey folks, here is the 17th episode of "How to build a with and " series about how to build "Custom ORC Layers" for the JIT engine.


I'll appreciate it If boost this

I finished wiring up the . It has all the critical subsystems in place working with a minimal set of features.

It is time to start refactoring, add more tests, write docs and get ready for the real work.

How to build a with and - 16 ORC Layers.

This episode is all about the basic blocks of any ORC based engine.


After 2 attempts to build a JIT for , finally I think I'm on track, the prev 2 were ok and worked but I wasn't happy with the design and flexibility, The 3rd one is quite good but I have to rewrite a big chunk of da code which will take time but I'm happy.

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