Designing a type system from scratch is way harder that I imagined. 3 years of intense study and still have a lot to read. But it's surprisingly really fun.

The part 1 of "How to build a compiler with and " came to an end.

If you're curios about the PART 2 check out the "Future Roadmap".

After 3 years of work on the , I just realized that I had to change my approach and that means I have to rewrite the majority of the compiler again 😂

Journal entry: I was wrong the whole time. Instead of focusing on SLIR I had to focus on the JIT and create a linker layer which picks the right definition of symbols and compile them into an object file.

Hey friends, here is the episode number 19 of "How to build a with and ". It is all about the current implementation of the compiler and the overall compile time processes.

Hey friends, here is the episode number 18 of "How to build a with and ". It is all about the current implementation of the compiler.

Hey folks, here is the 17th episode of "How to build a with and " series about how to build "Custom ORC Layers" for the JIT engine.

I'll appreciate it If boost this

I finished wiring up the . It has all the critical subsystems in place working with a minimal set of features.

It is time to start refactoring, add more tests, write docs and get ready for the real work.

How to build a with and - 16 ORC Layers.

This episode is all about the basic blocks of any ORC based engine.

After 2 attempts to build a JIT for , finally I think I'm on track, the prev 2 were ok and worked but I wasn't happy with the design and flexibility, The 3rd one is quite good but I have to rewrite a big chunk of da code which will take time but I'm happy.

hey folks, I'm working on the diagnostic system of . What do you think a good trackback/error message should look like? tell me what you think. Examples or even sketches are welcome.

Rt please.

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