@Mehrad glad to hear that. Feel free to reach out, I would be happy to help if I can :))

@Mehrad it might be the case which doom had a change in the API but you're using a library which still uses the old API

@Mehrad I'm not using doom but it seems that they renamed a variable and forgot to update the reference, the best thing you can do is to either debug it yourself or file an issue against there bug tracker. I thought it might be emacs specific but it is not

I just lost a game of via running out of time and my opponent had just 0.1 sec on the clock. Soooo close

Sometimes I think if life was a movie I would've been the guy who nobody knows him, the guy who save bunch of people by diving on a grenade no one knows his story and at the credit they refer to him as "soldier number 6". 😂

But even in that situation soldier number 6 refuses to give up and die

I attended to my table tennis club after a looooooong time every member beside me is vaccinated. I'm happy

@Mehrad @mz @mrostd
چه جالب، بر عکس من هیچ وقت نمی بینم

@mz @Mehrad @mrostd
شما پس ر زمینه رو می بینین مگه

it was a big hassle basically not just for GCC, and it can be done in other ways as well (like a web form)

@arh I don't think it's going to have any major impact. and i'm glad they did it even though I'm a clang guy

meeting and chess don't go well together 😂

when I'm tired, I make the most ridiculous mistakes ever in chess. I just lost several games in a raw

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@lxsameer Hey! More or less what's listed here, though since the making of this video I've found a lot of new plug-ins, and some great ones were released since then: Vital(ium), Surge, Geonkick etc.
You can also ask other Linux-music makers on my Rocket.Chat server here: chat.unfa.xyz

@unfa hey buddy, what software do you use on Linux to create music? beside audacity

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