last night, when I was trying to make my brain to shut up and sleep, all of the sudden the title of my book series on mathematics came to me and I love it. To honor the person who got me interested in science, the title of my series will be "lxsameer notes on mathematics" (named after the famous "Feynman lectures on physics")

hey folks, I'm working on the diagnostic system of . What do you think a good trackback/error message should look like? tell me what you think. Examples or even sketches are welcome.

Rt please.

These days, I spend most of my brain cycles on thinking about quantum field theory and trying to think of some answers. It literally prevents me from working on my stuff 😂

@novimatrem don't know about you, but Dark souls is my all time favorite and a masterpiece

one of my goals in life is to have a lecture in the famous lecture hall of the Royal institute of London.

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”
― Socrates

Hey folks, is there any libre alternative to

Well, you're not mistaken, It can be complicated because it a complete platform. At the end of the day it comes to personal preference. Personally I like to customize everything to my needs and I like tools that give me that option

@sameet @ebi @danialbehzadi @mz

I will, but I have a plan to create a new series in English for and . Similar to what i'm doing for at the moment

@sameet @ebi @danialbehzadi

@sameet @mz @ebi @danialbehzadi
Sorry to reply in En.
Is emacs heavy? it is not. It has a JIT now and you can compile everything ahead of time. The editor is a tool of choice. But comparing Emacs to other editors is wrong because technically Emacs in not an editor, it's a environment that happened to have an editor attached to it. it's way more advance than others editors as long as you know what you're doing ☺️

It doesn't matter who rules the middle east, as long as people are hostage to the concept of a religion, the rulers will lock them up and take their freedom.

So many people got killed in the name of religion. More than any other causes during the the history of mankind on this pale blue dot.

Just finished up a very very basic JIT implementation for . It still needs more work to be done for the JIT in a environment but it is a good start.

صحبت در مورد دندان و لثه 

@danialbehzadi yes, unfortunately I had the same situation and I didn't take it seriously so I had to do 4 painful surgeries to stop it and it won't back to normal ever again

صحبت در مورد دندان و لثه 

@danialbehzadi Unfortunately it won't. You should see a doctor, it can easily ruin your gum and end up badly. You should be quick

I don't understand the ego of software engineers (including me). At the end of the day very little engs are true engineers and the rest are CRUD, copy/past, stackoverflow devs. did you discover the Higgs, did you find the cure to cancer ? what's up with that ego?

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