@aral unintentionally, I always think of insurance companies as the villain, because they always look for their own benefit in situations that might be hard for people. I live in Ireland but never used Vhi. But i don't think they are any different than the rest of them.

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How to help GNU Emacs maintainers?

Read/watch on bzg.fr/en/how-to-help-gnu-emac

Discuss on news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

Where I oppose the HOT vs ACDC mindsets when it comes to #FreeSoftware maintenance.

Whenever I'm emotional (any emotion, sadness, loneliness, happiness ...) I pick up my guitar and start playing and recording myself. As long as that emotion stays with me I play and refine the song I'm playing. I give it a name and store it in an album called "That man". When I listen to any of those songs later, the same emotions resonate within me and I relive those moments, good or bad.

To me, is the best medium for emotions.

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@claudiom i've been watching it since I was 18 I guess, I'm now. 😂

Just watched the 1000th episode of . It literally gave me the chill for 20 minutes. So much memory and nostalgia. I grew up with it and it's still the best.

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I just finished watching a video that shows how mutation works in evolution in a computer simulation. He has made the whole thing using OpenSource tools and the results are fascinating! I can’t emphasise enough on how such videos and explorations are missing from online wold. The idea is simple, the implementation is relatively straightforward and yet the results are super awesome.

I strongly suggest it everyone as the explanations are good for biologists and IT folks:


When someone asks me where to begin in order to become an engineer or a scientist, my answer is usually like:

1. Learn to speak English (if you don't speak it already)
2. Learn how to ask smart questions.
3. Question everything

But usually people miss the point of 2 and 3.

@Sandra indeed. Fun to talk about and even more fun to work on

Also forgot to ask that, how do you feel about reader macros and extensibility of a Lisp in general ?
(judging by your preferences around ascii chars usage I might be able to guess the answer though 😉 )

Is Brev open source ?

How do you feel about type systems ?

Also coming from Clojure, probably you're familiar with the simplicity vs complexity debate. How do you define complexity in terms of a programming language and specially a lisp

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