I thought @UPS is the worst, but they at least deliver something to u, it may not be your package, and it might not be in time, but it is something. But @FedEx, OMG! Literally, the worst. I had to give'em my address twice during 10 days, and they still don't know where is my pkg.

My glasses are enchanted with “10% increase in intelligent and 5% increase in endurance”. I can feel my skills improving as soon as I equip them from the inventory. 😂

@danialbehzadi It is (iptables) but it has issues with keeping track of the state of operation which made my life harder. Should've stick to iptables

Listen learned, don't use 'ufw' on Debian. It sucks

Hey folks, do you know any app for android to isolate other apps? For example, to run them in a dedicated sandbox?

It's fucking 2023, and you still need to reboot (or sign out) if you want to change an env variable in Windows. 😂

I'm working a build system on Windows. I have to say that devs who choose Windows as their preferred OS for development, have no self-respect.

Not only that, but I think certain teams In Microsoft are being paid to make our lives miserable on purpose. 😂

I hit most of my goals for 2022 expect for the biggest one. I wanted to publish my first book in 2022, but I literally could continue. Not even a single line. My entire time went into researching for the topic. Hopefully, I'll make it on 2023 🤞

@danialbehzadi 😱 why not? Both Vim and Emacs are super simple.

I just watched the video that @jadi.
Too sad to see him being sentenced to 6 years in jail for just a few tweets. There is no such thing as freedom of speech in that forsaken place. Justice is a bitter joke in .

Stay strong, my friend. You're not alone.

Any lightweight alternative to ? Do you know any?

Boost please.

I left Iran several years ago in pursue of freedom and a “normal” life. But how can I live a normal life knowing that the regime kills and executes other people who, just like me, want freedom and a normal life?
Our lives are not normal until

@eXtrem0us I hope so buddy, let me know if I can be any of assistant to you.

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