In my my entire life I never saw any thing good comes out of the brutal regime of Iran. Only injustice, brutality, death, lies, corruption, hatred, discrimination, genocide, dictatorship and you name it. Pure evil. They took 80M people hostage.

Changing the build process of an external project on an alien platform is a roller coaster of emotions. You'll drawn in despair in a sec by ~8k of build errors and a minute later you face only 10 and a ray of hope shines upon you.

@PawelK Not exactly to be honest. Syntax is just a way to annotate what your compiler or interpreter provides. If you start with the syntax then IMHO you're can easily get distracted by it. I'd like to think that you need to provide a nice syntax for your compiler's features rather than providing features for your syntax.

Designing a programming language is a gruesome task to do. Even if designing an interpreter. I'm quite surprised to see some folks talking about it as if it is just a syntax.

Hey friends, I just published the episode 10 of "How to build an with - More on macros" (Quasiquote or backquote).

Looking forward to your feedback and as always please support me by sharing this post with others.

From 1977 linker errors down to 10. Progress 😂

@mc 😂 nice one. I've been told that i'm a man of poor humor

@mc It was a joke. But I'm open to suggestions.

I'm still looking for a decent book on string theory ( it doesn't exist I think ).

I think I'm dealing with a case of midlife crisis. 😕

@vandys Yes, I do. I don't like google probably as much as you do. But "anonymous" in this case means anonymous to me. It's up to you to protect yourself against google.

P.S: I'm open to any other free alternative.

Hey lovely people, I'm doing a research and I'd like to ask you to complete a simple and anonymous questionnaire. Your answers will help me a great deal.

please this toot to help me reach out to more people.

@joel hehe, it's funny to see other people have the same level of concern about their inner voice.
Mine is quite funny, Sometimes it's old and speaks Japanese, sometimes it' speaks English like a young delinquent from a bad neighborhood in London and sometimes it's like me talking to myself in a mirror annoying and embarrassing 😂

@smjt2000 @danialbehzadi
while distro has something to do with it but at the end of the day more services equals more resource consumption. If you're low on memory shutdown all the services that you don't need and enable them on demand, use openrc and choose light weight tools. For a long time I had to deal with low resources as well. So i know how you feel.
P.S sorry for replying in En

library is really handy to create a compositor. It deals with many complications that a compositor have to deal with. The only issue with it is lack of proper documentation. But it is still young and has room for improvements

@danialbehzadi @siamak well 2Gb is very low to appreciate it tbh. Imagine in the best case scenario 1Gb of it goes for gnome. Firefox will devour the rest. 2Gb is pretty low

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