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بعد از استفاء ستالمن. یه خوده اوضاع گنو بهم ریخته شده. البته به هم ریخته خوب. همش داریم بحث می کنیم. تیم های مختلف درگیر تصمیم گیری های اساسی هستند. امیدوارم همه چیز به بهترین نحو پیش بره

Man, I suck at writing blog posts 😫

I love to have a child, but at same time it freaks me out too. Because kids or not like programs, you can't run a debugger on them, fix the issue and run them again.
As an engineer it takes lots of try and errors to make something right, but with kids you have just one shot.

Maaan, is so cool. Why didn't i find it sooner ???

Interesting project now is on early access stage. It can be big for the .

Hey folks, is there any tool to manage Mastodon and twitter together ???

Hmmmm, my first impression of mastodon is OK. I need more time obviously but there are some obvious issues. 🧐

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