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قسمت دوم از سکرین کست های

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s soooo goood that I couldn't stop myself and I'm reading the manga now.

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I'm really happy with @lwnnet . Kudos folks, kudos.

If you're interested in and technologies around freesoftware highly recommend to subscribe to @lwnnet and support them.

Yeeeeeaaaaaah, Finally the first episode of 's 4th season is here. So excited

I have a fascinating idea for . So excited to implement it ASAP.

@yottanami and I just tested a web application as our new platform for recording the new episode of . It seems like a good enough application.

Going extreme on freedom cases more damage to it.

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Another one is the fact that they enforce you to follow the definition of freedom which is like you CAN'T use those softwares that are not free in our opinion that is against the freedom of will and I don't want that. It's sad to see that this mindset is getting more popular and more extreme among gnu project. That's why I like . You're free to do what you want and nothing is holding you back. These reason made me realize the SD with all the shiny ideas isn't for me.

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The biggest problem for me was the lack of binary compatibility and the fact that they don't want to be compatible was a instance no for me. You can't use official binaries for and many other free tools.....

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The idea of having a functional build/package manager system is amazing and an operating system around it is every cooler. Creating your entire OS based on a lisp DSL is the dream. I'm a huge lisp fan and I started using with love of , and on my heart but to be honest it wasn't what i expected.

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I tried SD for the first night and restored my backup on the same night. It's and has several fascinating ideas but has only few problems which are severe and deal breakers for me.

ایمکس خدای ادیتور هاست. اینکه می بینم نصل جدید زیاد ازش چیزی نمی دونن یه خورده برام ناراحت کنندست. واسه همین می خوام یه سری سکرین کست درست کنم که کمک کنه به دیگران که درک کنن چرا ایمکس فوق العاده هستش.

Damn the image is 1.3G and I only have a 1Gb flash drive available to right now

I'll Install SD tonight after I backed up my installation.

Truffle is pretty cool, but maaaan its documentation sucks.

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