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"Nullius in verba"

A principle that is forgotten by many.

Mastodon is great, but I wish It had an option to disable the UI. It's just a waste of resources. I'd like to use the API only and integrate it with my environment.

I'm anxious as hell these days, for no good reason. What is wrong with me :/

امروز در واقع سال ۲۵۵۰ هست نه ۱۴۰۰

I'm compiling the LLVM for the 8th time in the past 2 days, :/

I'm thinking about writing a book on mathematics behind different type theories for engineers. Some thing high level that covers required topics and just scratches the surface. It can be useful to people who want to know how things are the way they are at the moment.
Any thoughts ?

Friend A: Dude Java is much better than C# ....
Friend B: No C# is way better cos microsoft, blah blah
Me: They both suck, get over it :/

دوستان تو تهران الان کدوم ISP از همه کمتر رو مخه ؟

I was reading about Charles Sanders Peirce, who was a philosopher, logician, mathematician, chemist and an engineer in late 19th century. He was all of these in an era that in order to read a book you had to pretty much find the book somewhere in the world. But what are we ? In this era which science is on tip of our finger we are just some ignorant fools debating about worthless arguments of daily life

3.2 is amazing, I just saw that animation tree feature and as a rookie it blew my mind

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