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btw just to have fun, the valid form of argument here would be (mathematically), For every person, if that person worked in google, then what he/she says is right (1). I'm a person (2). I worked at google (3). Therefore based on (2) and (3) I'm right.

It's a valid argument form, but the truth is up to be proven. They should've prove the hypothesis (1) before jumping to conclusion :))

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As a software engineer, I have to say that most of the time we don't know how to present a valid and true argument. For example: I worked at google, So What I'm saying is right. It both invalid and false. But I hear that a lot lately. It's incorrect both mathematically and philosophically. It might've been better to educate yourself a bit instead of feeling proud about working for money in just another company 😂

I just had a game (). I played white and went for a king's gambit. As an amateur I quite liked it.

single-handedly has changed the course of 's development. It's really impressive.

A while ago some body asked me (he wanted to be a software engineer and studied for a year or 2): "How long should I read ? how many books ? Isn't it enough ?"
Me: Sorry to break it to you, but there is no end. YOU HAVE TO READ ALL THE TIME. I mean AAAAALLL THE TIME

Hehe, I have 492 buffers in my right now. It's uptime is 213 days. :D

I guess it's time for some cleanups

I've played a rather interesting game last night online. Here is the game if you're interested and let me know your thoughts. I played as black

Time to time Something happens to me that makes me realize how much I love and how essential it is to our lives.

I'm working on as usual and I was working with and suddenly hit a bug in MLIR, had to dig in to figure out the root and when I found it, just sent a patch to and BAAM, everyone's happy

It gives me a panic attack when ever I see people using a mouse with their editors or IDEs. :/

I'm trying to work on my ego, and kill the unnecessary parts or it. I think it's getting in my way.

Oh what a game, what a tactic. Just brilliant. E.Lasker vs Sir G.A Thomas on 1912.

Follow the game after white queen to h7.

"Nullius in verba"

A principle that is forgotten by many.

Mastodon is great, but I wish It had an option to disable the UI. It's just a waste of resources. I'd like to use the API only and integrate it with my environment.

I'm anxious as hell these days, for no good reason. What is wrong with me :/

امروز در واقع سال ۲۵۵۰ هست نه ۱۴۰۰

I'm compiling the LLVM for the 8th time in the past 2 days, :/

I'm thinking about writing a book on mathematics behind different type theories for engineers. Some thing high level that covers required topics and just scratches the surface. It can be useful to people who want to know how things are the way they are at the moment.
Any thoughts ?

Friend A: Dude Java is much better than C# ....
Friend B: No C# is way better cos microsoft, blah blah
Me: They both suck, get over it :/

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