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I used to use my own fork of "st" for a long time, then I switched to just "xterm" and tmux. But recently I came across "vterm" and boy oh boy It's fantastic. It's still under development but It's just amazing. Imagine ye super terminal in your with the same setup.

Today's frontend technologies are the complexity we've create to fix the problem we didn't have.

I'm happy about the V3 API and workflow of . It not done yet and there are more thing to implement but I'm moving in the right direction. It's exciting to me and kinda different.

After about a year since I switched to use and as my window manager. Finally tonight I've added the "date and time" to my window manager :))
It all started by a simple "Let's show the time down there" to a complete rewrite of :))

What song, motivates you to pick up your guitar ( or any instrument you play ) and start rocking ???

Mine is "Starts" from Dio

目を閉じて 思い出す
過ぎ去りし あの頃の
戻れない 帰れない
広がった 深い闇

泣きたくなるような 優しい音
前へ 前へ 進め 絶望断ち

失っても 失っても 生きていくしかない
どんなにうちのめされても 守るものがある

失っても 失っても 生きていくしかない

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If you have to use #Cloudflare for some reason, you can still allow #Tor users to bypass the annoying challenge that usually comes up.

Check "Firewall" -> "Tools", and add an IP access rule for "Tor" with action "Allow".

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Solar energy vs nuclear energy. We can power the planet via clean solar energy even with our current technology, but why governments seek nuclear energy ?

Well, it's simple. You can't kill people with solar energy. You can't create solar based warfare.
Those dirty politicians

Random thoughts, If the universe is a program, probably shortly after the big bang somebody (the possible creator) said "oooops". :))

I never liked and I don't even want to talk about . Such a shame the there's no popular and well accepted distribution for phones. This market is too sweet for companies to let any completely free product to grow.

oh maaan, I really don't want to get back to work tomorrow. 😭

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oh Maaaaan, I know nothing, I'm just a grain of dust floating in the universe. The more I learn the more I feel small and worthless.

The only thing that I've learned over the course of my life, is to be patient and believe that one day I'll master the topic at hand and accept that it will open up new doors.

It's both frustrating and beautiful.

I just watched a talk on and and it's polymorphic types. It's interesting to see how object oriented has caused so many issues and the resort is to go with a functional approach. Specially about that undo demo. They went with a persistent immutable datastructure at the end.

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