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I usually trust people way too soon 🤦‍♂️

The JIT is going to take longer than I initially thought.

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After 5 years, I'm cooking Dizi today 🤤

I lost 400 Euros over a lousy mistake on a trade today, the money ain't important bu I should've known better

It's time to tackle the last piece of wiring required for the compiler. The JIT.

After this step I'll have a fully functional compiler that I can expand by adding features on top a minimal foundation.

Just landed a commit on to statically generate the website via elisp and org mode. With this change we should be able to integrate API and cubes docs easily with the website.

"If fail and you return home coz you're not good enough, you are welcome here. But if you come back because you didn't give your all, find another home."
-- Josep Pouyol

Ah brilliant, It goes to my code of honor

what is the biggest regret in your life?

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🌉 ❄️ Software Developer for Anti-Censorship Team

This developer position will be an integral part of our Anti-Censorship Team to work of our bridge distribution system, pluggable transports, and other anti-censorship technologies.

Why Muons are 200x heavier that Electrons ?

Sometimes people can be really inconsiderate

I read my own code of honor times to times, to remind myself my way of life.

Yesterday, I played a training match against a new player in our club, midway through the game I noticed that he's limping. Unintentionally, I went easy on him for 2,3 points and I ashamed myself. I disgraced him by going on him. But luckily I came to my senses and played like I never played before and beat him just to show that no matter what condition he is in, I see him as an equal and respect his skills and will do my best to win.

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