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It's today, 📆 5pm Paris time! One hour videoconference to learn and discuss #forge #federation ✨ How difficult can it be to break free from #GitHub?

Boost appreciated 🚀

#forge #federation is still a dream... but it's becoming a reality. Today is the @fedeproxy monthly update, open to everyone: join to share ideas and learn about the progress made in the past few weeks.

🇫🇷 Simultaneous translation from French to English will be available.

it is kinda nice to be reminded that I know nothing. Last night I had a technical discussion with several hardware designers and they were totally out of my league.

It's been a while since I'm trying to lay down the for modeling and describing the complexity as an abstraction. I want to reason about complexity of things, compare entities based of their complexity and study the rate of changes in complexity based on the different factors involved.
Do you have any experience in this area ? if you do I would love to hear your thoughts.

boost please.

"Strong resolve is what makes a man strong"

After trying to migrate to another instance, I learned quickly that it is better to get my shit together and maintain my own instance rather than leaving my fate in the hands of others. Sorry for the noise folks 🙇

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Sometimes I feel that the world would've been a better place without me.

After 2 attempts to build a JIT for , finally I think I'm on track, the prev 2 were ok and worked but I wasn't happy with the design and flexibility, The 3rd one is quite good but I have to rewrite a big chunk of da code which will take time but I'm happy.

"In heaven, all the interesting people are missing"

-- Friedrich Nietzsche

rocks. I'm using it as a static html generator for a while now, both for my website and few other websites including the one I'm working on for 's documentation and website it has some functionalities that no other static html generator has.

To all the and contributors and activists out there, past and present:

Thank you, you rock.

Without your efforts, I wouldn't be where I am today.

I found a little bit of free time last night and worked on doc generation on . Now we can generate docs straight from docstrings of a cube via -mode and all the meta data of the cube would be available to the org markup as well. I yet to write some docs though

Today I was investigating an issue in the 's compiler (this issue is giving me headache for weeks) I had to figure out why adds a lib as a link target. Thanks to a lad in an IRC channel and magic of cmake I got to this dependency tree.
Oh boy

I love it when I find passionate people who are experts in different fields of science and I keep bombarding them with my question and they answer with passion.
I can see the sparks of passion in their eyes when they try to explain stuff to me

A Persian friend of mine: "dude, you have a Persian accent when you speak in English!"

Me: "Duh! what did you expect? Russian?"

A friend of mine used to argue with me that team X guarantees that service Y never goes down and we don't have to account for Y being down, I need to ask his opinion on facebook's incident :)))))

That's resiliency 101.

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