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I was walking and enjoying the weather today. I inhaled deeply and thought to myself, what a great day, how nice is the sky, how cheerful the birds sing. I was in that state that all of a sudden, realized all this and this beautiful planet soon will be demolished by our foolishness and our self destructive behavior. We need to take seriously and try to fix what we've broken before it is too late.

I had a bit of time and decided to play around with the idea of the melody that I played on guitar

I took the idea and improvised a bit and here is the result. It's a bit messy and I have few mistakes here and there but you know it was fun.

I finally closed my after 174 days with more that 600 open buffers πŸ˜‚

I had to reboot

Chess has ruined my life recently. πŸ˜‚

I was trying to solve a problem using calculus today. I was making a derivative fn for the motion fn to get the velocity of the object. And it hit me, how did Newton came up with calculus. I mean what was his chain of thoughts. Just this simple example shows what a genius he was.

whaaaaaaat? where did you get that ? πŸ˜‚

I found out some stuff about the company that I'm working for at the moment that shook me to my core. It is the time to leave.

Hey friends, I just published the 6th episode of "How to build an with " .

This episode is dedicated to property and association lists.

Like always looking forward to your feedback and It would be amazing if you can boost this toot please.

Hey folks, i want to buy a pc. Should i wait for the Ryzen gen 4 or should i go with Ryzen 9 9550 right now? Gen for might come out in fall or winter. What do you think ?

Do we have any distro worst than ? I hardly doubt it.

Hey friends, here is the episode number 19 of "How to build a with and ". It is all about the current implementation of the compiler and the overall compile time processes.

If Bach was alive during the 80s he would've been a heavy metal guitar shredder. πŸ˜‚

Hehe, look what I've found!

2 years ago as fun challenge in hour team, we had to create a sudoku solver in any tech and lang that we want and there was a fun prize for the winner.

I created a module to solve sudoku and heavily documented it to publish it later as a gentle guide to write kernel modules (I never did). But here is the repo. It might be useful to someone.

Feynman was my main inspiration to become a scientist. Ever since I read his lectures on , I fell in love with science. Just watch this short video as an overview of his way of science.

I use -mode to manage my life. It's hard for me to carry around a notepad to record my thoughts or take note. I used to leave voice messages to myself and later on manually transcribe them and move them to an org file.

Finally I spend a bit of time and created a bot that converts telegram voice messages to org-mode entries and store them in an org-file. It's trainable as well.
I still need to fine tune its features.
Hope it might be useful to others as well

Hey friends, I just published the 5th episode of "How to build an with " .

It's a all about Lists in . Like always looking forward to your feedback and It would be amazing if you can boost this toot please.

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