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I had high hopes for . Unfortunately it's not performant enough to find a place for itself in 's build system.

How could we pierce spacetime ? Mass concentration in a point in spacetime. Like a singularity. But what does that mean in terms of condensate Higgs field???

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People who ignore me, give me energy to push forward more and more.

It's not done yet and I need to figure out the intro. Also I want to add a bass track and a guitar solo to it as well but I think i found the core shape of the song.


Hey folks, have you ever used Boehm GC or MPS or any other GC lib before? If yes, would you mind sharing your experience with me?

If no please boost this toot.

I thought I'm going to die last night, actually I still think something is horribly wrong with my body and I have to see a GP.
It was such a stressful night ☠️

@ftk @ebi
@hosein See you at 8pm (your time) tonight

Some of the mathematical proofs make me think "How on earth this person came up with such a brilliant idea?"

The part 1 of "How to build a compiler with and " came to an end.

If you're curios about the PART 2 check out the "Future Roadmap".

How's up for an online friendly meetup around tech ???

Just finished reading "The Greatest Story Ever Told...So Far" by @LKrauss1 (Lawrence Krauss ).
Such a great book. highly recommend it. It's so interesting and well written that I was reading it literally while I was walking, bumping into the crowed constantly. It literally gave me goose bumps every now and then it's all about the history of and all the effort made by scientists to reveal the beautiful secrets of nature.
Kudos Dr. Krauss

It breaks my heart when open source projects use as their official channel of communication.

After 3 years of work on the , I just realized that I had to change my approach and that means I have to rewrite the majority of the compiler again 😂

I was reading about Chandrasakhar's bio and beside his brilliance I literally got goosebumps when I learned he used to travel more than 200km weekly to teach to two students of his who later on both and Chandrasakhar himself won the noble prize.

Journal entry: I was wrong the whole time. Instead of focusing on SLIR I had to focus on the JIT and create a linker layer which picks the right definition of symbols and compile them into an object file.

Today I was thinking, Since Positron has a negative energy according to Dirac and it can be interpreted as an Electron going back in time, what would happen to the entropy of a system made out of antimatter? Is it decrease over relative time ? Is a world made of antimatter is just the past relative to present of a world of matter? After all Positron is just an Electron with the opposite energy and same spin. An Electron move back and forth in time changing into Positron and back.

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