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It's really hard to read a book about a subject that either I don't like or I know that it is disproved but I push through it because I believe that it is important to know why I don't like something rather than just feeling that way.

Hey friends, I just published the episode 9 of "How to build an with - Introduction to macros".

Looking forward to your feedback and as always please support me by sharing this post with others.

OMG, in when you set an env variable via setx, you need to restart the OS for it to be applied in you env. I never used windows before and I hope I'm making a mistake, but if it is the way it is, I lose respect for the devs who by choice use windows for their daily work

I just found out that ported its powershell to as well πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

It made my day and still can't stop laughing. Why someone should drop Zsh, Bash, Fish and others for the crappy and useless powershell πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

The dooms day via is closer than you might think. If we continue like this the extinction of the human race will be quite close. All of us need to take action before it is too late.

is an advance piece of technology that in order to appreciate it we need to understand it well. It bugs me when I see average users, comparing "Linux" (air quote) with MacOS or Windows when they actually are comparing their desktop env with those others. when it comes to the kernel itself is in a different level.

Despite the brilliance of and the new windows and opportunities that it open up for science, IMHO its social impact is noteworthy as well. It is exciting to see everyone talk about the published images and explaining to each other why they are so cool.

Hey friends, I just published the 8th episode of "How to build an with " with is all about functional loops in .

Like always looking forward to your feedback and It would be amazing if you can boost this toot please.

Last night I almost lost a week worth of work on due to a human error. But luckily thanks to I had all the buffers open and just had to re-save them.
I was lucky :))

I had high hopes for . Unfortunately it's not performant enough to find a place for itself in 's build system.

How could we pierce spacetime ? Mass concentration in a point in spacetime. Like a singularity. But what does that mean in terms of condensate Higgs field???

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People who ignore me, give me energy to push forward more and more.

It's not done yet and I need to figure out the intro. Also I want to add a bass track and a guitar solo to it as well but I think i found the core shape of the song.


Hey folks, have you ever used Boehm GC or MPS or any other GC lib before? If yes, would you mind sharing your experience with me?

If no please boost this toot.

I thought I'm going to die last night, actually I still think something is horribly wrong with my body and I have to see a GP.
It was such a stressful night ☠️

@ftk @ebi
@hosein See you at 8pm (your time) tonight

Some of the mathematical proofs make me think "How on earth this person came up with such a brilliant idea?"

The part 1 of "How to build a compiler with and " came to an end.

If you're curios about the PART 2 check out the "Future Roadmap".

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