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I think I'm dealing with a case of midlife crisis. πŸ˜•

Hey lovely people, I'm doing a research and I'd like to ask you to complete a simple and anonymous questionnaire. Your answers will help me a great deal.

please this toot to help me reach out to more people.

library is really handy to create a compositor. It deals with many complications that a compositor have to deal with. The only issue with it is lack of proper documentation. But it is still young and has room for improvements

Hehe, My window manager so far can spawn a terminal window on it's own :))

I have to pay almost 50% less tax than I originally estimated. Yay! 🎊

Happy days 🎊 πŸŽ‰

is literally the worst shell I ever used. It's sooo bad that made me think the team behind it didn't even bother πŸ˜‚

E.g If a binary is can't load a shared lib, unlike it doesn't print any thing to stderr. it just returns the status code " -1073741515" which has many meanings including:
Javascript err, hardware, err, io err, exe err and many more.

just horrible.

Hey folks, could you please reply to this toot and tell me what do you thing is ? I want your opinion only so please don't look it up, just tell me what you think ?

Thank you in advance and please this toot as well. I'm working on a new video series on and I appreciate it if you take the time to reply to me.

I'm working in a compositor for using Emacs native modules similar to EXWM but customized to my taste. I had no idea that it can this much fun.

is ridiculous. Why on earth do you need a "development shell" on to access the compiler. So weird.

I don't understand why someone has to invent a new notation instead of using the well documented and establish notation that already exists. It looks bad and confusing there's no latex support and overall just bad.

Designing a type system from scratch is way harder that I imagined. 3 years of intense study and still have a lot to read. But it's surprisingly really fun.

It's really hard to read a book about a subject that either I don't like or I know that it is disproved but I push through it because I believe that it is important to know why I don't like something rather than just feeling that way.

Hey friends, I just published the episode 9 of "How to build an with - Introduction to macros".

Looking forward to your feedback and as always please support me by sharing this post with others.

OMG, in when you set an env variable via setx, you need to restart the OS for it to be applied in you env. I never used windows before and I hope I'm making a mistake, but if it is the way it is, I lose respect for the devs who by choice use windows for their daily work

I just found out that ported its powershell to as well πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

It made my day and still can't stop laughing. Why someone should drop Zsh, Bash, Fish and others for the crappy and useless powershell πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

The dooms day via is closer than you might think. If we continue like this the extinction of the human race will be quite close. All of us need to take action before it is too late.

is an advance piece of technology that in order to appreciate it we need to understand it well. It bugs me when I see average users, comparing "Linux" (air quote) with MacOS or Windows when they actually are comparing their desktop env with those others. when it comes to the kernel itself is in a different level.

Despite the brilliance of and the new windows and opportunities that it open up for science, IMHO its social impact is noteworthy as well. It is exciting to see everyone talk about the published images and explaining to each other why they are so cool.

Hey friends, I just published the 8th episode of "How to build an with " with is all about functional loops in .

Like always looking forward to your feedback and It would be amazing if you can boost this toot please.

Last night I almost lost a week worth of work on due to a human error. But luckily thanks to I had all the buffers open and just had to re-save them.
I was lucky :))

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