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I had a talk in the other day about and and how to improve as an engineer.

You may find it useful

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How to help GNU Emacs maintainers?

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Where I oppose the HOT vs ACDC mindsets when it comes to #FreeSoftware maintenance.

Whenever I'm emotional (any emotion, sadness, loneliness, happiness ...) I pick up my guitar and start playing and recording myself. As long as that emotion stays with me I play and refine the song I'm playing. I give it a name and store it in an album called "That man". When I listen to any of those songs later, the same emotions resonate within me and I relive those moments, good or bad.

To me, is the best medium for emotions.

Just watched the 1000th episode of . It literally gave me the chill for 20 minutes. So much memory and nostalgia. I grew up with it and it's still the best.

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I just finished watching a video that shows how mutation works in evolution in a computer simulation. He has made the whole thing using OpenSource tools and the results are fascinating! I can’t emphasise enough on how such videos and explorations are missing from online wold. The idea is simple, the implementation is relatively straightforward and yet the results are super awesome.

I strongly suggest it everyone as the explanations are good for biologists and IT folks:

When someone asks me where to begin in order to become an engineer or a scientist, my answer is usually like:

1. Learn to speak English (if you don't speak it already)
2. Learn how to ask smart questions.
3. Question everything

But usually people miss the point of 2 and 3.

Why did I waste my life with Fecking Web development. 😭

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It's today, πŸ“† 5pm Paris time! One hour videoconference to learn and discuss #forge #federation ✨ How difficult can it be to break free from #GitHub?

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#forge #federation is still a dream... but it's becoming a reality. Today is the @fedeproxy monthly update, open to everyone: join to share ideas and learn about the progress made in the past few weeks.

πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Simultaneous translation from French to English will be available.

it is kinda nice to be reminded that I know nothing. Last night I had a technical discussion with several hardware designers and they were totally out of my league.

It's been a while since I'm trying to lay down the for modeling and describing the complexity as an abstraction. I want to reason about complexity of things, compare entities based of their complexity and study the rate of changes in complexity based on the different factors involved.
Do you have any experience in this area ? if you do I would love to hear your thoughts.

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"Strong resolve is what makes a man strong"

After trying to migrate to another instance, I learned quickly that it is better to get my shit together and maintain my own instance rather than leaving my fate in the hands of others. Sorry for the noise folks πŸ™‡

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Sometimes I feel that the world would've been a better place without me.

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