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Hey folks do you know any good videos series for a total beginner ? In Farsi please

It makes me sad to say this but is on the verge of becoming a cult as well.

We shouldn't follow something blindly without questioning it first.

Hey folks, do you now any alternative to suitable for one user only ? Also being API only is a plus

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Hey folks, here is the 17th episode of "How to build a with and " series about how to build "Custom ORC Layers" for the JIT engine.

I'll appreciate it If boost this

These days people lives count for nothing. Brutality and corruption consumed the world and politicians float in blood. This song is quite relevant to the world of these days.

"War Pigs"

@ftk hey, I thought you might find this one funny.

Credit to my friend Pouya.

I finished wiring up the . It has all the critical subsystems in place working with a minimal set of features.

It is time to start refactoring, add more tests, write docs and get ready for the real work.

If @intel start to ship its chips with SDSi, I'll never ever user their again. Such a horrible model of business.

Instead of trying to compete with others technically, they are trying to increase the revenue by leeching out of their users and limiting the freedom

Long ago I put together a document around some of the git best practices for my team. A friend asked me how to write good commit messages and I thought it might worth publishing that document to public.
So here is a short essay on etiquette

Using ++ for me is like torture (for many reasons) but when I see some of the utilities in the , I get relaxed a little bit, coz I'm like these people must have the same set of frustrations to create this thing

I'm trying to find a good video course about for a friend of mine. She never used linux before and she is a programmer. The course has to be in English. Any suggestion folks?

Re-share please

Hey folks, here is the 3rd episode of "How to build an with - Lisp basics"

Resharing will be appreciated.

@cleopatra Happy birthday!!! 🎊
I wish health, wealth and happiness for you

When I see some one make a commit message like "update", "fix" or "test" and vice versa, I loose respect for that person and in the other hand when I see commits like this or projects that enforce such a culture I smile and admire them. kudos.
Commit msg from

"I write clean code so I don't need to document my code", An "engineer" (air quote) told me proudly!
Annoyed, I'm looking around mumbling "Where is my shotgun??!". :)))

How to build a with and - 16 ORC Layers.

This episode is all about the basic blocks of any ORC based engine.

I usually record myself playing guitar while I'm emotional. A while age I had a bit of a tough time, I recorded myself playing and today listened to what I've played, removed the pieces that I don't like and kept the stuff that I liked, With a bit of work I created a "core" and I'll write a song for it soon. I call this one "Left alone in the dark"

Hey folks, have you used browser? could you please share your thoughts and experience with me?

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